The phone is gorgeous to look at, and even if it collects some fingerprints on the back and the curved screen makes it a tad tough to hold those are small obstacles to overcome to have such a great design in your hand every day. It has all of the top-end specs you're looking for, great performance and still manages to get through a full day on the battery without carrying around a charger or battery pack. Samsung also brought back the SD card slot and waterproofing — all without changing the profile of the phone.

The latest version of Samsung's software hasn't changed the interface dramatically, but Marshmallow itself brings lots of useful improvements and the extra features that Samsung added in this release add up to a notable improvement from what we got with Lollipop. The edge screen experience may not be one that brings you over to buying a Galaxy S7 edge, but it also picked up notable improvements and can do even more than before.;url=;url=,,SSL+redir.aspx?C=IXVZQiuA9kyoDkJYX95plk_HMQPBlNEIuyBzkc6ufs4gqeAYX3Yz1D7DICKsXo6TYML159BKYGA.&URL=;jsessionid=FF4759FBFEFD3EDC44008C19704F9512.node3_1_OTEGR?p_p_id=WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&p_p_col_count=3&_WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116_owp.URL=[email][url=;url=;url=

Since the quality isn't that great — and frankly can't be with this size of speaker — Samsung does let you crank up the volume pretty considerably to try and at least give you something to work with, even to the point of introducing notable distortion depending on the type of audio. Chances are you won't need to push this thing to 100 percent volume to get what you need out of it (again, you won't be listening to music on this), but if you do it really shows off the relatively low quality of the speaker. I really would like to see Samsung move to a front-facing speaker(s) setup, but I'm just not sure how there would be room to do so in this current industrial design.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Bottom line
When you pull everything on offer in the Galaxy S7 edge together, it's pretty darn impressive. Don't let the physical similarities to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge turn you away — there is so much to like about this year's flagship.

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