lag and hiccups is Android. not just samsung. I have tried the "pure" android phones, and they lag just like every other phone.
you mess around with a nexus 6P for 30 min and watch for it. it hiccups and lags here and there just like samsung devices. I think we are all just too spoiled. a little hitch here and there is not a big deal.

Lag and hiccups is technology. The Samsung variants just happen to be the biggest offenders of the flagship devices. The only way I can use a Samsung device is if I run a custom ROM. That being said my iPad Pro with its beast of a processor can lag here and there as well just not as badly. My BlackBerry is just as fast as my work iPhone if not faster.

With any device you will have some sort of hiccups here and there since none of them are perfect. Samsung just takes the cake though.
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Not really understanding this. From the Note 2, 3, 4, and now 5 we have not seen any 'lag' or similar behavior. Could you force it to happen; very likely. Does it happen in the normal course of use, no.

Now, sure, if you try to run a modern high end game on a Note 2 it is not going to load/play/work as fast/well as on a Note 5 but that is just the reality of the 12 month tech refresh cycle - nothing to do with a phone or an OS.
Johnny Roberts
I'm not finding that at all in day to day use.
What I am finding is that phone geeks can be quite over dramatic sometines. And we all use our phones differently.

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So you seem to be implying I should ignore all the people with this problem because you don't have it. And I'm the one being overly dramatic? Look at the reply above. People have this issue. Just because your perspective prevents you from seeing something doesn't mean you can't acknowledge its existence. Just going to walk away now before this turns into a flame from Samsung fans, which are turning out to be as bad as Apple fans.

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