so, I received my S7 Edge on Wednesday, and was really excited to use this device. I am an iPhone 6s Plus user and was hoping to find a device with the same screen size that was a little easier to manage in the hand. I'm very disappointed in the device. I have fun into a consistent issue where I can not download apps from the Play Store. I will start the download process and the app just across in the notifications pane, as well as the Play Store app, and never moves past "Downloading....". I've factory reset multiple times, gone through a process of deleting data from the Play Store services, but at some point within 10 app downloads the problem resurfaces and cannot be bypassed until you factory reset. I'm wondering if the device is just faulty. I'm going to return it today and potentially get another handset to play with over the weekend, but yeah, currently the device is not usable, has been reset and put back in the box for return. What a shame.

Sounds like a bad egg. Once you get used to the software you won't be disappointed. I tried the 6plus last year. Had to give it up after 2 months.

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We floated the river today and as I pushed in my phone dropped. I didn't realize it was in a foot of water....I was looking for it in the car and the truck. About 10 minutes later we saw it completely submerged. Guess who's still running strong? My didn't even skip a beat. So glad I always choose Samsung! STEALTHSTRIKER Awesome review! This phone looks soooo good im pretty jelly. Anyone know how Samsung pay is? Like is it any good or would you still need your wallet?

Why do people complain about the reverse of a phone bring a fingerprint magnet? I could understand it if the obverse was a problem, but who cares what the back of a phone looks like?
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