Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Video review Words are one thing, but seeing a phone in action is another thing altogether. To pair with our written review, we've worked up a full video review of the Galaxy S7 edge as well. Check it out above, then read on for our full nuanced opinions on the phone in the rest of the review.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Specs

It's best to kick off a review by getting the nitty-gritty specs out of the way first. These are all of the little line items, speeds and feeds that enable the Galaxy S7 edge to handle everything you throw at it — the specs mean nothing without the experiences that take advantage of them, but you can argue that the converse is also true.;!/badge?url=*login&FMT=p&URL=;jsessionid=19BFDCD789B664918A7F7EC38032AA60?siteId=32851&listingId=41322&url=!&Url=;MYSITEJSESSIONID=A945CD921DFF5DAD2D059EB6CC83730B-n1?siteId=1077692&listingId=1397590&url=*data=url=[url=

But what if there wasn't all that much in the Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge+ that needed to be changed in the first place? Why change things just to seem like you're doing something to make improvements, rather than focus on the few areas that needed fixes? If you take this view, you'll see Samsung may have taken the right approach.

Expandable storage. A bigger battery. Waterproofing. Simple software improvements. Top it off with a better low light camera, even though the Galaxy S6 edge already had a great shooter, and from Samsung's eyes it just checked the only boxes that were left unfilled in last year's flagship. Does it add up to an experience worthy of 2016, or does the Galaxy S7 edge feel more like a refreshed flagship of the past year? We're here to answer that in our full review.

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