There's some features from the defunct Note 7 that will filter their way to the edge. One I found for instance is the Always On Display. In Settings, if you go to the Always On Display section, you should see an update for it. Why they didn't do this as a software update push, or a more traditional app update I don't understand, but anyways this is one that is a welcome to have. Hopefully they'll do more edge display enhancements too.

Note to Andrew, you might want to update the article to state that the S7 edge can take up to a 256 GB microSD card, not 200. Even Samsung's official specs for the device says 256 GB.

Dhruv Sharma6
This is regarding a big flaw in the product, Galaxy S7 Edge , which is till date, the most disappointing mobile phone cell phone i have ever used throughout my lifetime. I had purchased my phone from Noida , GIP , India, on 18th of March 2016.Promising that the phone is water Resistant upto a dept of 1.5 mts...... As per the claim that samsung provides,,!!!&url=;url=;url=[url=,%20http-/?client=ca-pub-9456994019046247&output=html&h=600&slotname=5761657395&w=160&lmt=1296216160&ea=0&flash=10.1.102&url=;jsessionid=2956D7C1305E02A4A23B09C80ED3652A.w12?source=2&email=p&p=11047&agentId=11047&feed=4&listingId=533480&type=COMPANY_WEBSITE&brandId=jump&url=,%20electoral%20bosses%20strike%20deal%20on%20exit%20package&url=,%20stand%20firm%20and%20grow&url=;url=;url=[url=;$curuser$&url=;url=

As far as the processor, Although they were the same speed, the V20 uses a quad-core while the N7 used an octa-core. For me, screen protectors are useless. Not only does it make the phone look bad, I hate the way it feels. This is why I have insurance on my phone though, so that if something does happen I can replace it. For that reason, I don't use a screen protector, or a case. If you have the brightness on the screen up all the way, there's no way you can call the screen "saturated". It has to be one of the nicest screens I've seen out on the market now. I've been a Note user since the 2nd one and I can honestly say that the curve grew on me. It gives you more screen with a smaller phone and has the potential (I say potential because it's new and these things take time to perfect) for a lot more functionality. Can't complain about that! I have to agree with you in having a replaceable battery. This is a must and I just don't understand why it's not the standard. I'm honestly having a hard time deciding on a new phone. I'm debating getting the S7 Edge because it's the closest to the N7 and Samsung is offering $100 off for sticking with Samsung. I just know i'll be depressed 4 months down the line when the S8 comes out. The Pixel is another choice but it looks... well... like crap.

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