I just looked at those sample images on a large IPS monitor. Honestly, I couldn't find anything that was very obviously wrong with it.

Night and indoor shots look EXCELLENT. Detail is retained and scenes were nicely exposed without too much noise and subsequent noise-reduction.

Daylight photos also look great. Still retains a lot of detail despite the lower resolution but I did notice a slight iffiness with the dynamic range in some shots. However, I still think they look pretty darn good. And honestly, those daylight shots look very close to the ones I get on my LG G4.

Why do ppl on here assume ppl don't listen to music through their phone speakers? Speakers are very important to me... I don't want to have to put in earphones or attach a Bluetooth speaker just for quality audio... The fact that it was made a point to say "u won't be listening to music on this...." Kinda turned me off this phone

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S7 is great smartphone, but I would stop and think about camera. OK, focusing is fantastic, hdr is great... but well, these megapixels... at once nobody forget to remind size of one pixel in microns. Well, it has more agressive sharpening, more contrast, but in my eyes, pictures from S6 are quitecomparable. No miracles here, even so Samsung told us... My lumia 1020 has much smaller pixels, but seems to be much better even in case of higher ISOs (well, suprised me, how bad was lumia 930 next to it, even so, in some reviews, these phones were close to each other...not in reality). Problem is just simple - better quality = large sensor = thicker phone. This can't be really sidetracked.

Best looking phone I have ever seen. The f 1.7 aperture is a very big deal, not an easy feat for a phone. I saw some low light shots and they are a huge improvement. Add the faster focus time and it's a major hit. Samsung hits a home run.

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