At the beginning of 2009 the best phone going was a iPhone 3GS (both hardware and App availability). Fast forward to present 2016, and I'm going to upgrade finally to a Samsung S7 or S7 edge. Holding both flagship units in hand, the S7 feels great, the S7 Edge not bad either (however slightly less comfortable), however both are new since both are bigger than the iPhone 3GS.

Is the S7 Edge an acquired feel after a while? The S7 feels a bit more natural when holding it off the bat. I don't mind the price buying the device outright, I just want to make sure the phone lasts, is functional and will hold up as long as my iPhone 3GS did in the years to come (looking for longevity and some future proof if that even really exists now days).

I really love this phone, it's the best! Octa-core processor Samsung Exynos 8 4GB of RAM, improves the design of its predecessor ... I want one now !!

I've had my S7 Edge for over a month now after replacing the first one that had WiFi problems. I should mention with that case, my telco offered to replace it as it was a day old, Samsung Customer Support refused to.

The phone is pretty and it works for making calls, browsing etc but it's problems are hard to ignore. If it isnt finicky WiFi issues, its the finicky oversensitive screen when browsing content on youtube. Or, having to restart the phone multiple times just because it's finicky about the SD card, reporting randomly that it's corrupt and recommends you to reformat after the hundredth time which works flawlessly everywhere else.
The S7 Edge in a word is Finicky. I could not responsibly recommend to anyone to buy it in its current state until they resolve it's reliability issues. Till then you're better off going with another competitor product or even an iPhone.

Very nice review. For some reason though, I have seen any site reviewing bluetooth quality when people reviewing phone. Does nobody use bluetooth on Android?

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