I've yet to see a phone that was truly free from all slowdowns and hiccups, particularly once they get loaded up with apps, services and user data, but these small hiccups were few and far between on the Galaxy S7 edge — I only found a few simple delays in launching apps after closing a heavy game or updating several apps out of Google Play at once.

When Samsung moved to this sleek new design last year, it clearly didn't plan to incorporate big speakers as a tentpole of the experience. You'll find the same speaker blasting noise out of the bottom of the phone through an eight-hole grille next to the micro-USB port, and while it's hardly challenging the likes of the Moto X or Nexus 6P it does get plenty loud for speaker calls and short videos.;url=,&url=[url=;url=;jsessionid=3AC4DB11CA6132D0CC68AB6A2A061142?action=extern&url=,%203080%20Tervuren&url=;jsessionid=2F31A8E812D84B6D18D58E37D17F2361?export=&harvestSource.url=,%20Queensland,%201944&ImageNumber=53513&Publisher=John%20Oxley%20Library,%20State%20Library%20of%20Queensland&url='s+Blog&url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;action=redirectexit;url='s+blog&url='s+3R+Blog&url=!/id/url/!workUrl.action;jsessionid=E5D259CA5D4E1C30B528FB07E7ABC97B?url=;jsessionid=00E3E34095854B2C12D37B179B4A0BE5?dbId=93&url=;&url=

Those usage numbers are only slightly better than I experience on the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+, and are just about reaching what I get out of the Nexus 6P on an average day as well. This larger-than-average battery capacity is definitely required to get the Galaxy S7 edge through a full day without making you worried about where a power outlet is, and it means I rarely worried about battery life on the phone. It doesn't, however, give you the confidence of "do anything, no consequences" battery life that so few phones can offer.

With these internal specs it would be surprising if anything else was the case, but it needs to be said that the Galaxy S7 edge really flies through anything you could want to do on a phone with a 5.5-inch screen. Whether that's a single heavy game or quickly switching between a handful of your favorite apps — or heck, using Multi Window to run two at once — the phone didn't slow down or give up. Samsung's own apps, crucially including the camera, were flawless in their performance.

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